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What makes a professional photographer and why hire Bartee Photography Inc.

Many people portray themselves as "a professional photographer" when in reality, they are a hobbyist with a digital camera. As commercial photographers, we earn our living by creating high quality photographs in our full time business. We own professional equipment, that is well maintained and we know how to use it. We're experienced with lighting, propping, styling, image composition, working with models, as well as extensive experience with computer image processing and retouching.  We understand how to make our subjects, in any given environment, look their best.  We are good communicators and visual problem solvers.  Most important to you however is that we specialize in photographing dental and medical practices.   We understand your business and what it takes to make your photo shoot a success. The experience we've gained from photographing over fifty practices, is what sets us apart from other photographers.  

What's the cost to hire a professional photographer? 

Photography is a business investment and it should be viewed on a cost vs. value basis. Imagine a brochure or website without any photos. In this day and age, content is king.  The value of good photography is that it can connect with your audience on a subconscious level.. You, your staff and your practice are presented in the best possible light.  We do our best to showcase your business and make you stand out from the competition. As to cost, it's been my experience that ten photographers will give you ten different prices for the same job. The fact that there are so many levels of experience, accounts for the wide range of prices found in the market place.  As working  professionals, we take many factors into account when pricing a photo assignment. Scheduling, travel time, equipment, complexity of the photos, the number of photos, as well as how, where and how long the photos are used, are all factored in. It can be quite confusing.  However, because of our relationship with your marketing firm, we have simplified all this complexity by charging a fixed fee at a significant discount, which is all inclusive.  We do charge for additional travel expenses, but with advance notice and good planning, these can be kept to a minimum.  

How can I use the photos?

You own the rights to use the final photos (typically 10-15 final photos selected by your agency and used in your brochure) any way you like for your personal and business use, without limitation. However, any use by a third party is not allowed without our authorization. It all comes down to the complexity of the current copyright law. Any photographer who does not manage their photos properly can potentially be putting their clients, i.e. you, at risk.  Please understand, you are not purchasing all 300 plus photos taken at the photo shoot. They are variations and are for selection purposes only.   If you would like to purchase additional  final retouched photos for future use or other marketing needs they are always available.  Once the final selections are finished, you can download them from our website. 

How long does the photo shoot take?

Be prepared to spend about 4-5 hours at the photo shoot. In this time, we usually do 6-10 setups, depending on the photo request  list.  We always try to work from a list, so we have an idea of exactly what we’re going to accomplish.  Don 't worry, you won't be in front of the camera for all of that time.  People often ask why the photo shoot takes so long. "Long" is a relative term. Less experienced photographers could easily spend 8-10 hours on this type of assignment.  When we are dealing with actual patients, friends, family and paid staff, we  work quickly and efficiently to get them on their way. Because of our experience with photographing professional talent, as well as real people, we can get great expressions from your models and not use up a lot of their time. Time is money and we try to save you both, without sacrificing quality.     

What about the patient models? click here for a list of clothing guidelines

Photography is a visual business. The best models are genuine people that are photogenic and attractive. They should match the demographic of the audience you are trying to reach. Most people are flattered to be asked to model, so don't be afraid to  approach  family, friends, patients, people you know from church or other organizations.  Remember, these faces are going to represent your business.   Try to arrange only one person per setup, as dictated by the list. Sometimes it can be a bit chaotic if too many people show up all at once. Always call and confirm with your models a day or so in advance. People often forget and you need to leave yourself enough time to find a replacement if someone cancels. Models and staff  must be willing to sign a model release so you can legally use and reproduce their photos for commercial purposes.

So how long will the models be there?

We try to arrange all of the models so that they will only be needed at the photo shoot for approximately one hour or less. You can schedule them 45 minutes apart, unless they appear together. We spend about 20-30 minutes arranging and lighting each setup and then you and the model are in front of the camera for another 10-15 minutes. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less….  Since the photo shoot usually happens on their day off, the staff photo is scheduled at the very beginning or at the very end, so that we keep their time to a minimum. A couple of staff members may appear in more than one photo setup and need to stay a little longer.

What happens after the photo shoot?

The photo shoot itself is only half our job. When we return to the studio, we download all of your images into our computer system. We then do an edit, where we remove all the funny faces, obscene gestures and blinkers. The rest of the raw images are then processed into smaller preview images, which we post  to our secure website. Your marketing agency can access these preview images and use them to start the creative process. Once the final selections are made, we then retouch, color correct and process the raw images into the high rez final images. These final images are then reposted to the web and downloaded by your agency and placed into the final position in your brochure or website. You can be assured we take every assignment personally and your success is our success.

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